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Full and partial dentures are an affordable way to replace missing teeth.  Today's dentures are natural looking and more comfortable to wear than ever.

Full dentures

Full dentures use an acrylic base to cover the gums.  The full upper denture base will cover the roof of the mouth.  A proper fitting upper denture will not need any adhesive to stay in.  

Full lower dentures are horseshoe shaped to leave room for the tongue.  

Immediate Full Dentures

Full dentures can be placed in your mouth the same day as the removal of remaining teeth.  This is called an immediate full denture.   You will never be without teeth.  But immediate denture fitting is estimated based on the condition of you gums before removal of remaining teeth.  As the gums heal they change shape.  The denture will need to be refitted (relined) as you gums heal over the next few months.  

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures can rest on remaining teeth using a metal frame with clasps around certain teeth to hold the denture in and an acrylic (plastic) base to keep it stable and protect the gums.  Partial dentures can also be made of an acrylic plastic base resting on the gums with or without metal clasps to hold them in.   Another material is a flexible plastic base that rests on the gums as well.

Getting Used to Dentures

First time denture patients may need a few days or weeks to get used to their new dentures.  It will take a few days to get used to talking and eating while wearing new dentures.  The more time you spend with the denture in place the faster you will get used to it.  If you get an irritation you should return as soon as possible for an adjustment.

Partial dentures attach to teeth.  You should never go for long periods of time without the partial dentures in place.  Teeth can move over time.  The partial denture depends on the position of the teeth staying in place.

How Long Will Dentures Last

Over time dentures may need to be refitted.  They can be relined and rebased depending on the condition and fit of the base.  Relining and rebasing repair or replace the part of the denture in contact with the gums while leaving the existing denture teeth.  Even if the denture looks great your mouth will change over time.  Depending on how much it changes will determine the need to reline/rebase.  If the teeth are worn as well it may be time a new denture.  Individual teeth or several teeth can be replaced as well if broken or worn.

Care of Your Dentures

Remember, your denture can break if dropped.  Remove to clean and brush your dentures every day to prevent food and bacteria from building up.  When not wearing your dentures keep them wet in water or denture solution.  Brush and clean you gums and remaining teeth every day.  If you have a poor fitting denture of a sore spot contact us for an appointment.

Dentures are a replacement of one or several of the teeth (partial denture) or all of the teeth (full denture) of either or both jaws.

Full & Partial Dentures